• emGuarde utilizes harmonic frequencies to effectively suppress targeted electromagnetic noise radiation between 3MHz to 1000MHz within a 4-meter radius.
• The multiple layering of harmonic frequencies is strategically programmed to target specific frequencies at 36MHz, 72MHz, 108MHz, 144MHz, 180MHz and more.
• This patented technology achieves a balanced atmosphere and a harmonious environment by suppressing targeted electromagnetic noise radiation disturbances, at the same time can effectively suppress the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation affecting the microcirculation blood flow.

  • emGuarde covers a range of 4 meters radius or 8 meters diameter

• emGuarde is built to suppress specific high frequency electromagnetic noise radiation between 3MHz to 1000MHz.
• Through the suppression of specific high frequency electromagnetic noise radiation, emGuarde can help improve microcirculation blood flow.

• IIIC 2017 (International Innovation and Invention Competition) 2017 – Remote distance able to speed up Microcirculation Blood FlowClinical Trials:
• USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) 2020 – The Protective Impact of Wireless Anti-Radiation Device towards Animal’s Blood Circulation, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
• Taiwan 2020 Ophthalmology & Medical Aesthetic Centre’s clinical test report on eyeball microcirculation blood flow
• USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) 2024 – The effective range of RF white noise suppression of Electromagnetic Noise Radiation Harmonizer
Safety Certification:
• SGS Reference No. for FCC VTMHY2304000668YEA/2023
• SGS Reference No. for CE VTMHY2304000667YEA/2023
• SGS Reference No. for RoHS SZXEC24000468401
Intellectual Property:
• MyIPO 2022: Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

What is the lifespan of emGuarde?
  • With proper care, minimum 5 years

What is emGuarde’s warranty period?
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
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